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Forbidden russian sex

Forbidden russian sex

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Related article: Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 10:18:08 EST From: Subject: CLUB HOUSE GAMES Part 11The following story is a Homosexual fantasy. If it is illegal russian pediphile for you to read such material please leave now. Don russian lesbians shit gently laid him down on the table. "Get more lube, Bill, and coat my prick as I ease it out." Don slowly withdrew his enormous thick black prick until only his knob lay inside Paul's ravaged hole, Bill lovingly coated it with lube adding to the spunk and boyjuices already glistening on the thick pulsating shaft. Paul was groaning continually, thrashing his head from side to side, mouth wide open as jolts of pain and pleasure shot through his hot young body. His heartbeat had quickened again and he was oozing sweat. Don placed Paul's loose legs over his shoulders, "Ready Boy?" he asked, and without waiting for a reply he steadily pushed his full 11 inches all the way in. "No, oh no, please stop," wailed Paul as the giant prick invaded his insides yet again. "I can't take it again, I really can't." he sobbed. Don leaned forward, steadied his head and kissed him lovingly, not moving his throbbing prick now buried deep within the Boy. As Paul once again got used to the felling of the prick deep inside him he started to suck on Don's tongue. Don eased his body back then forward causing his prick to move about an inch within the Boy, who, as he got used porn russian video to it, began to moan softly into Don's mouth. Paul felt 2010 wilshire boulevard russian wonderful again as the incredible pain/pleasure feelings coursed through his young russian mpegs body. Don increased his stroke and was soon slowly fucking Paul's beautifully tight boyhole in 6 inch strokes; he lifted up and started rubbing Paul's tiny pink nipples, bringing them to full hardness. "Yes, oh russian cuties incest yes. That's it." cried Paul, "Fuck me, please fuck me, your cock feels so good inside me, I want it all!" Don fucked back until his corona was stopped by Paul's sphincter, then he pushed back all the way, he kept doing this as he slowly increased his fucking speed. Paul was moaning and groaning russian salad dressing recipes and every time the big knob rubbed his prostate he felt a tingle in his cock, looking down he saw he was blonde porn russian getting hard again. Don had noticed too "Don't touch your prick Boy." He ordered. "I'm going to fuck your spunk out of you." Paul grasped the sides of the table to steady himself as Don fucked him faster and faster, he couldn't believe how much he was enjoying the feelings of pleasure and pain in his boyhole, and so was his cock he realised as the foreskin peeled back and a pearl of precum appeared at his cockslit every time Don's knob brushed across his prostate. Bill lubed up a free russian sex photos couple of fingers and pushed them steadily into Don's tight hole, Don grunted at the added pleasure. Bill held his arm steady and let Don arts girls russian fuck himself on them as he fucked Paul. By now Don was slamming into Paul at a furious pace, causing his boycock xxx cool russians to stiffen even more, he saw Paul's balls retract, then felt the tight white hole tighten around his prick as Paul cried out and shot his sixth load of the day high into the air, clamping hard around Don's shaft every time he shot. As Don buried himself as deep as he could into Paul's body Bill pushed his fingers forward and massaged his prostate. That was all he needed to send him over the top, he felt his knob swell, and cried in relief as his own spunk flooded the Boy's insides yet again.End of Part 11. Any comments/suggestions to
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